Train with Me

Train with Me

Transform Your Life

I train exceptional people to be even more exceptional in two ways: one is to help them become experts in individual and group transformational process and the other is to help them become more powerful, impactful people. In my past 20 years I have worked in many capacities in the therapy/life coaching/self-help world. Through my varied experiences, I’ve learned a lot about what does and does not work. These transformational trainings bring together all this knowledge in tailored, effective, and intimate programs that give you access to an unparalleled level of knowledge and support.


  • Integrate coaching with your other skills to define your unique, marketable Integrative Coaching Style.
  • Learn how to manifest healing and big results for yourself and your clients.
  • Get the guidance and support you need to uncover and develop your own skills.
  • Recognize personal limitations and how to use them to work more effectively with others.
  • Find balance and wellbeing in your life through the success you experience as a coach.


  • Design a unique apprenticeship that strengthens your weakest areas and perfects your strongest.
  • Practice your craft, study new methods, and explore the world of healing.
  • Get masterful guidance from Dr. Kate and growth-inducing feedback from peers and clients.
  • Learn how to connect more deeply with yourself and others through your practice.
  • Transform your healing practice and set forward into reaching your vision.
“Dr. Kate has been a mentor and role model for what really works for people and has helped me realize my own strengths.”
Ginny D. / Fort Mills, SC
“When I’m asked, ‘how it is to work with Kate?’, my answer is simple: Life-changing.”
Marina Darlow
“Whatever it is you’re after, Dr. Kate will help you make it happen. I am grateful as can be to have found her.”
Patsy Culp