Giving Back

Giving Back


Larger Visions is one of the ways work to make myself—and the world—a better place. It’s how I take my mottos, “Give a Damn” and “Care More,” and turn them into action.

I believe that harnessing our power to care is life changing and downright transformational on every level.

It sounds so simple, but in practice, it’s really profound, and that’s why I am committed to giving back through the non-profit Larger Visions. The central purpose and role of Larger Visions is to teach emotional intelligence in order to help end of gender-based violence.

I founded Larger Visions in December of 2010 and since then, we’ve done a number of projects aimed at decreasing gender-based violence. We’ve worked with women in Santiago del Lago, Guatemala, teaching them helping and trauma skills, providing education on gender-based violence, and encouraging community solidarity. We’ve provided micro-loans to Santiago del Lago-area women, helping them start businesses. We’re actively engaged in obtaining a larger grant that will allow us to further the development of a safe house for Santiago del Lago women in need. We’ve also held training for emerging women leaders, helping them learn collaborative leadership skills.

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